Soito Wines, “The Telegraph” Newspaper

About 3 years ago, journalist Oliver Balch visited our region and discovered the charms of the city of Viseu. Among its virtues, it highlighted our people, streets, parks, art, culture and gave special emphasis to the authenticity of our wine projects and the beautiful region that is ours in Dão. This report was published in The Telegraph that we remember here.

“Twice a year, Viseu organizes a wine festival over a long weekend, where visitors can meet face to face with the best wine producers in Dão – the people behind brands like Quinta de Perdigão , Soito Wines, Udaca and Adega de Penalva, to name just a few. Few, if any, wines are on supermarket shelves, so there is a feeling of intimacy throughout the experience.”

At Soito Wines you can certainly find this feeling of exclusivity and proximity, through our experiences..

Experience (activities):

Experience (accommodation):

  • Casa da Touriga, a house with two suites (capacity for 4 people), kitchen and living room. Includes breakfast, accompanied by products from the Quinta, such as homemade jams, fresh seasonal fruit and eggs. A silver wine tasting and an exclusive visit to the Winery and Quinta.




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