Unique Experiences

"Tailor-made" Experience

Dão has so much to offer! Come and visit Quinta do Soito has to offer but... don't leave now! 

Take the opportunity to get to know our proposals with local and regional partners and immerse yourself in the true and authentic culture and tradition of the Beira. Come see and learn to embroider Tibaldinho's famous Embroideries; participate in the manufacture of Serra da Estrela cheese or in the harvest of blueberries; discover the iconic and secular Palaces and Monasteries; learn how a beekeeper takes care of his bees and the combs remove the honey; enjoy and relax in a refreshing Vichy shower at the thermal springs of Alcafache, overnight in a fantastic 16th century manor... there are countless activities and experiences that Soito Wines and its partners have to offer. We are sure... you'll not forget to remember us!

Personalized programs tailored to each one. Contact us!

Mandatory advance booking

No. People: Minimum 2 people and maximum 12 people

Duration: depends on the number of experiences selected.


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